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Our History

Paradox Valley School (PVS) began operating as a charter school in 1999. Before the charter school start-up, the Montrose School District, and later the West End Public School District (WEPS), operated Paradox Valley School. 


Touch & Go

When the Uranium mining industry dried up, the population decreased and WEPS voted to close the school. This closure caused a significant disruption in the community to include a rise in school drop out and literacy rates. It was then WEPS recognized the impact PVS made in the rural community and vowed to never close the school again.

20060917-paradox-11 (1).jpg

A Charter is Born

PVS reopened as a charter school serving Kindergarten through 6th grade. To meet the needs of the community, PVS continues to expand programs and services. PVS now offers Pre-K and serves students through the 8th grade. PVS intends to expand in the coming years to include 9-12th grades with options for dual enrollment.

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